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Boxwood Productions began in 1990, when I left the BBC to take my chances as a freelancer. My name is Peter Champness, and the Boxwood team is as big or as small as it needs to be to fit the production in hand.

In the 'old days' at the BBC, there was a certain amount of job demarcation, and often

for the best reason - that the responsibilities of one job meant that learning how to do another properly really wasn't possible. But as technology has progressed, so I've

turned myself into a lighting cameraman as well as a director, and I've done the same with editing as non-linear edit suites have developed.

As a multi-camera studio and OB director, I learned from the very best during my time at the BBC, and I have built on that experience. As new developments like virtual sets have broadened the scope of what can be achieved in a studio, I have added them to my repertoire.

The knowledge and experience I've gained over the years proves invaluable in two ways: if the budget is tight, I can confidently deliver a production single-handed; if the budget is less restricted, I have a real understanding of what's possible and will allocate resources in a much more flexible way, ensuring that the money gets spent on what goes on the screen, not wasted on invisible production costs.

Creativity is vital, yes. I have always thought of myself as creative, and friends and family might agree. But most of production is a craft not an art, and creativity should be applied to every aspect of the process; and then, most importantly, tested. Creative thinking is always recognisable, whether it's in the script, the visualisation, the editing or the production budgeting, but it has to be tested : what is the motivation for each decision? Why do it that way?

Over such a long time in this curious industry, networks and contacts have multiplied: people I began learning the craft with are now in senior positions. Production techniques have developed along with experience and skills, but I always try to keep in mind the essentials - most of which are not related to any technical ability or new gadget.

I started out in broadcasting because I wanted to tell people about the

things that I find interesting in the world. After many years, I still have a passion for a good story, well told. And I can't imagine ever losing that.

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