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One area where an ability to get the best from others is vital is training. I have a wealth of experience in this field, helping people perform better on both sides of the camera, from training 20 youngsters from scratch for a Restricted-Service-Licence station (The Oxford Channel), to presentation masterclasses for experienced television journalists: for some years, I have been one of two freelance Training Directors for BBC News Training.

I try hard to get across to trainees that every single thing you do in programme-making has to show motivation, from the decision to cut to a close-up to the decision to fly business-class rather than economy. (The answer to that one, by the way, is to do with the length of the flight, the hours you're expected to work, the demands of the job, and - most importantly - the chances of avoiding excess baggage charges for the equipment.)

Clients for production training include the following broadcasters and production groups

BBC News : BBC World Service Television : BBC Journalist Training : SSVC : The Oxford Channel : Press TV

Sat-7 : RTP Portugal : The Samaritans : Al Quds Educational Television : British Telecom : Xerox

Production skills and techniques covered in training include

  • Directing - single camera and multi-camera, studio and OB

  • Camera operations - location and studio

  • Lighting - from simple interview rigs to more complex drama set-ups

  • Scriptwriting for current affairs and documentary

  • Commentary techniques

  • Post production - creativity and discipline

  • Presenter training for location and studio