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These days, productions are all on tight budgets, where the balance needs to be struck between cost and effectiveness - especially if the film is education or information. NGOs are inevitably stretched, and business rightly demands tight cost-control.

For every production, you can say there are 3 key attributes, on the points of 'The Production Triangle' : QUICK, GOOD, and CHEAP.

You can have any 2 of these, but never all 3.

Corporate films and business television highlight the need for the best people with the best skills in a production team. Working closely with an agency that understands the commercial client's needs, hopes and fears is the best way by far to deliver the production everybody is hoping for.

Production isn't often a good fit for business quantification; audience reaction will never be consistent in every detail, and the production process is too susceptible to human nature to fit into too tight a template - that is the experience of programme-makers across the world. BUT every aspect of what I do can be said to build the business: both alone and as part of a team, I strive to do the very best I can, and it's always exposed to the light of that first screening.