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Peter Champness - credit list

(BBC and other broadcast programmes in red.... commercial, public sector, charitable and non-broadcast productions in green)


Children in Need: Assistant Producer, responsible for celebrity bookings and on-air stunts.


Writing Commentary: Director, co-writer of BBC Television Training film on the art of documentary commentary writing, with contributions from Alistair Cooke, Michael Frayn, Ludovic Kennedy.

Camera Mountings: Producer, writer, director of training film on location mountings for film and video - plus handbook.

The Film Directors' Course: Producer, writer, director of internal training film.


A Tale of Two Boroughs: Director, assistant producer of film on employment prospects within two inner London Boroughs.

Sexism in the 80's: Director, assistant producer of two in a series for sixteen-year-olds.


Logo: Director, co-writer, assistant producer of five-part series on computer languages for children. Studio and film, performed by

a cast of children with occasional adult interference.

Walrus: Producer, writer, director of documentary film about the National Writing Project, in which older children write and illustrate

books for younger ones.

Walrus: Assistant producer, co-director of four-part film and studio drama.


On the Road: Producer, director of a ten-minute film each week for thirteen weeks, with three reporters and two other directors making

up a thirty-minute programme. Exhausting.

The Global Mosaic: Director, co-producer of studio-based programme on the science of plate tectonics, with apt Californian input.

US co-production.


A Day in the Life: Director, co-writer of dramatized explanation of human physiology during twenty-four hours. Studio and location VT.

World Child Health: Producer, Director developing a huge series (up to 40 X 30") of medical training films at MRCP PtII level for

Great Ormond Street Hospital and the Institute of Child Health; a year's work overturned by a change of policy at the Institute.

I.T. for You: Director, writer, producer of two in a series on information technology.


The Small Business: Director, writer, producer of two in a series on developing small businesses, one on advertising, one on office design. Film with studio intro and discussion.

Open Lecture: Director, producer of lecture given by Roy Jenkins on universities.


TVTel: Producer, writer, director of promotional film about the EBU's new telecommunications system between broadcasters (and others).

Co-production with France and Denmark.

Open Forum: co-producer, co-writer, director of eight magazine programmes on higher education. Presented by Moira Stuart and Chris Serle; studio and film/VT.


Open Forum: co-producer, co-writer, director of eight more in the strand. Presented by Martin Young and Frances Coverdale.

Radio Two Promo: Director, writer of national network promo for R2 as it went on to FM.

Speedbird Salutes the Few: Producer, director of music video for Radio Two/RAF Central Band/BA commission on the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

Pantotime: Co-director of children's Christmas panto for German Television (NDR) and BFBS.


Open Forum: Still directing eight more in the strand.

Kangaroo Court: Courtroom drama for institutional client, to demonstrate the failed image of the engineer in Britain.

MoD films: Three films for military recruiting, plus further work for other divisions of the MoD.

Scragtag: Directing the continuing adventures of the street-wise alley-cat created for The Young Ones, now adapted as a children's

puppet series.


Hoover Launch: the product launch film to try and salvage the disastrous "free flights" promotion. Ho Ho ….

Two more films for HM Gov't, one a half-hour documentary about Information Systems and the public sector; the other a 15-minute

digest of international answers to the question of how citizens could interact with the public sector in the future.

MoD: three for the army, documentary-style recruiting films.

Commercials: 2 x 30", 4 x 10" The last cigarette ads to go to Russia and Kazakhstan.

Start of production of A Debt of Honour, a 50' documentary about the work of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, a long-term

project filmed all over the world; for international broadcast.


Hearts and Minds: a 30' news documentary on the Royal Navy's civil aid project in Guyana, for broadcast.

6 x 20' VNR for an engineering client.

BBC World Service Television: 20' induction film and ongoing production training.

Commercials: 2 x 30", 3 x 10" again for Russia.

Dance promo: 4' TOTP-style for dance act Under Wraps.

Ongoing production of A Debt of Honour.

The Vision Project, a CD-i and training film for BBC Television on the future technology of television and radio production.


A fundraising film for Cancer Relief Macmillan Fund, emphasising the corporate sector.

More Commonwealth War Graves Commission, including a short organisational film and one for a school audience; also foreign language

versions of A Debt of Honour.

A range of corporate, industrial and information films for clients such as MEB, Unipart, Cadbury Schweppes, HM Gov't, and others.


'Topsy', a 60' art history biography of William Morris for broadcast and video.

A raft of corporate productions for various clients.


A drugs awareness film and CD-Rom funded by the DfEE.

Two versions of Memorial & Memory, for schools television in Canada (English and French).

A 90' period drama for BBC Education on the life and death of Evariste Galois.

Sponsorship packages for FedEx and their involvement with Benetton FormulaOne, including a behind-the-scenes documentary

and promotional films.

Another film for Macmillan Cancer Relief, this time concentrating on the Macmillan nurses.

Chindit Commander, a 60' military history programme for video, based on an extended interview with Brigadier Michael Calvert, the last

surviving Chindit commander from the Burma campaign.


Extended production of a series of corporate films for Mars.

Colditz Memoirs, more military history, and the personal story of one of the inmates, who escaped eleven times - unsuccessfully.

Two promotional films for the Education Business Partnership, with national sponsorship.

A substantial image and positioning film for the Fisher Group, then the third largest food company in the world, and going through a

difficult time of re-organisation.

Two sales and motivational films for Napp Pharmaceuticals.

The pilot film for a music documentary series.

A series of educational video modules on Surviving Separation for Prison Fellowship.


A CD-Rom for the DTI on the new National Minimum Wage (drama-doc case studies).

Family Therapy Basics: Producer, Director and co-writer of a substantial series o finteractive educational films for spreading the gospel

of family therapy. Presented by John Cleese, includes huge chunks of dramatised reconstruction, played by RSC workshop actors.

Multiple corporate packages for Elopak packaging - those milk cartons you can't open!

A DfE-funded film on Inclusive Education policy in inner cities.

Corporate films for Motorola, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, and a feelgood documentary for Mars.


Charlie: Writer, Producer & Director of a boardroom thriller for a huge international client, for training their Company Directors in the skills of defeating blackmailers.

Hymns Ancient & Modern: Writer, Producer & Director of a studio comedy (Yes Minister in twenty years' time) for HM Treasury, to

stimulate thought among senior civil servants.

MoD films: More of the same for the Ministry and others.

Golden Jubilee: 8 film crews looking at the crowd, to provide real lessons in crowd management for large events, and to ensure there

was a video "audit" should anything go wrong.


Another DfE-funded film, this time on the National Numeracy Hour.

More corporate films for Compaq, Mars, Dawson Holdings, Elopak, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Lever Faberge,

Daimler Chrysler (Mercedes and Smart) and more.

Product launch film for Waste Conversion Technologies.


A film for broadcast on preparing for Christmas with New College Choir.

Fundraising films for two charities associated with inclusive education.

Director for launch of RTP Portugal's national nightly news programme.

An awareness-raising film for The King's Fund on the effects of prostate cancer on its victims and their families.

And lots of BBC News training, including teaching very senior managers how to make fast-turn-round and effective films while on a

team-building off-site session…….


Major Governmental DVD resource X2 under the Valuing People White Paper.

Series of far-flung documentary films for GSK on the challenges in emerging markets.


Development of 16 x 30' on the spiritual aspects of people's lives, to be shot all over theworld, for international sale and DVD.

Director, cameraman and editor for new OTC medical product launch/instruction DVD: "Breastlight"

Director, cameraman and editor for video elements of global marketing training programme.

Director & Vision Mixer on two weekly live discussion programmes for PressTV. Continuing run, 52 per year.

Internal and external communications packages and product launch films for Activision, the global electronic games publisher.

A set of documentaries to launch to Local Authorities and other funding providers of a new, purpose-built, residential complex for

children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

Continuing films for blue-chip corporate clients such as GSK, Unilever, Vodaphone and Mercedes-Benz, both for internal comms

and external promotion.

Continuing Media Training and production for the Probation Service, Crime Concern, several PCTs, and commercial clients.

A set of fundraising films for a British charity which works with the children of AIDS victims in Goa and Mumbai.

Development & post production of The Decline of Democracy, 1 x 30' on what we think of our politicians, and what they think of us, for Sky 515.


myBabypedia: 79 short HD films forming the spine of a huge online video-based encyclopedia of child development, live 2011.

Continuing films for global corporate clients such as GSK, HBOS and Mercedes-Benz.

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